UHT Plant

We construct complete tubular heat exchangers (UHT plant) for a huge variety of products and a large range of services. These units are pre-assembled on a stainless steel frame in our workshop. After delivery our units are very fast available for production. Some examples for products which can be produced on our units are: Milk, ESL-milk, puddings, rice pudding, fruit preparation, sauces, soups and pharmaceutical solutions.

Based on many different models of Asepto heat exchangers, Asepto is the ideal partner for the thermal treatment of your products. Dependent on the product characteristics we are able to deliver the ideal heat exchanger or the best process plant.

Possible designs

  • Double-tube-HE
  • Triple-tube-HE
  • Multi-tube-HE
  • Spiral-tube-HE
  • Helical-tube-HE